Maybe you’ve considered getting an Executive Coach. Maybe you already have one. Or, perhaps you never heard of Executive Coaching.

Well, for the latter, as a well-trained, certified Executive Coach, I help savvy executives of for profit and nonprofit organizations become better leaders. My role varies with each client but includes: totally confidential sounding board, totally candid (but caring) feedback, accountability for what the client wants to accomplish, support, on-call assistance for starters. If you want to know more about executive coaching, visit my website

As for those of you who have been thinking about getting a coach, here are some tips.

  1. Make sure you get a well-trained, highly experienced and certified coach.
  2. Give some thought about what you would like to accomplish that just never gets done.
  3. Think about the evaluations you have received. Are there clues to what your supervisor thinks you should change?
  4. Think about your mother, your spouse or partner, your friends. Have they been subtly or not so subtly suggesting some behaviors that aren’t working for you?
  5. Figure out if you are coachable by taking my free Coachability Quiz.

For those who already have a coach, these tips are for you too.  

  • Do you have the right Coach?
  • Are you making progress?
  • And most important, ARE YOU COACHABLE?

For your  free copy of The Coachability Quiz, email me at . You will be very glad that you did!

P.S. If you “flunk” The Coachability Quiz, there are things you can do to make yourself Coachable–if you are willing to do some hard work and make changes that may be difficult. If you truly want to be a good Leader, I know you will be eager to make whatever changes are needed.

Judy Nelson, JD, MSW
Certified Professiona Coach