Delivering Results

Let Coach Judy Nelson become your partner, professional development expert, trusted advisor and objective resource.

Executive Coaching

To help highly motivated and successful executives, middle managers and others develop and achieve their goals and find greater fulfillment and success in their professional and personal lives. As your Executive Coach, Judy will engage you in an ongoing process of inquiry, discovery and creative problem solving. In addition to in-person coaching, Judy also offers virtual coaching as needed for leaders, executives, and managers globally via telephone, web, or webcam.

Non-Profit Coaching

Coaching for Your Non-Profit Organization. Harness the power of executive coaching to increase staff satisfaction and retention, turn good performers into great ones, manage change, and help your team increase its creativity and productivity. Judy Nelson can provide your organization with individual and team coaching, leadership training, public speaking, Workplace Big 5 Profile, and other assistance to help achieve your organization’s goals.

Regarding Coaching…

“Executive coaching involves challenging and supporting executives (and managers) to achieve higher levels of performance through expanding their capacity to take effective action. Executives in the study reported that coaching helped them cope with fast paced change and navigate through a year of tremendous financial challenges. Participants found they were better able to address personnel issues, delegate tasks appropriately, and improve communications. Organizations experienced increased financial stability, improved internal communications, and more ability to realize the organization’s vision.”

Martine Singer | Testimonial | Executive coaching & consulting by Coach Judy Nelson

“Judy Nelson’s coaching style is direct, focused and compassionate. She helps one identify and develop strengths, hopes and dreams.”

– Martine Singer, MBA
President & CEO
Children’s Institute, Inc.

Testimonial by Teri Kelsall | Executive coaching & consulting by Coach Judy Nelson

“This has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had. I highly recommend Judy for the professional who is interested in taking their career a step further on the road to success.”

– Teri Kelsall, MA, Vice President
Goodwill Southern California

Judy's business experience and style mean you’ll be comfortable to trust her, so together you will transform your leadership and your organization. Judy maintains the strictest confidence and levels of professionalism and will make the best possible use of your investment. As a coach, Judy provides direct and honest feedback delivered respectfully. As a teacher, she ensures you’re an engaged learner . . . and she might just make you laugh along the way.

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