crazy-busyIn the last seven days, I’ve had ten calls or emails from friends, colleagues and clients with “crazy busy” sprinkled somewhere in the conversation. True story. So I Googled it. Is it scary that The Google delivers 654,000 hits on this subject?

Doesn’t this suggest a problem or two? Like, are we all totally out of control and our work, life, etc. is in control and we are not? Or, is it en vogue to be so crazy busy that you miss your commitments? Resulting in responses like this:

  • “Couldn’t get back to you.”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t get that done on time.”
  • “No way I can do that…there aren’t enough hours in the day!”
  • Or, “Poor me; everyone takes advantage of me. I do all the work around here.”

What is the matter with us?

Okay, easy for me to say. I am a self-employed, solo business owner and fully in charge of my life. I see, talk to, and engage with my clients when and if I feel like it (and, I usually do.). I’m NOT “crazy busy”.

Oh, I do know what that’s like. I spent nearly four decades engaging in that experience but not anymore. Why? Because I’m done letting life lead me. And, yes, I’m in a position to choose where life leads me.

Still, in spite of all the insufferable articles, blogs and books on this subject, it just keeps going and going and going. I’ve had a conversation about soooooo busy with many of my clients. Most don’t seem to be aware of the fact that they are CHOOSING to be soooooo busy.

It’s time to get back to the simple and annoying basics. There are three choices in life as the saying goes: If you have a problem:

1) Fix it

2) Live with it

3) Leave

Think about it. If there are only those three options, then if you are “crazy busy” you are choosing not to try to fix it, not to learn to live with it, and not look for a new job. The only logical answer is you must like being crazy busy.

If you ask me, that could just be a good definition of crazy! (Take it from one who has been there.)