“Designers [of the FDR Memorial] decided against plans to have FDR shown in a wheelchair. Instead, the statue depicts the president in a chair with a cloak obscuring the chair, showing him as he appeared to the public during his life. Roosevelt’s reliance on a wheelchair was not publicized during his life, as there was a stigma of weakness and instability associated with any disability.” Wikipedia (Neither were other issues published that were overlooked by the press, specifically his relationship with Lucy Mercer.)


October 17, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

fdr-bwThe National Organization on Disability, headed by the efforts of Alan Reich, raised US$1.65 million over two years to fund the addition of another statue that clearly showed the president in a wheelchair. In January 2001, the additional statue was placed near the memorial entrance showing FDR seated in a wheelchair much like the rare photograph of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his wheelchair.


Source: chrisreevehomepage.com