In an excellent HBR Blog, Modesto A. Maidique discusses what CEO intuition really is–essentially the Rules of Thumb (ROTs) that executives use to make more or less unconscious decisions.
He lists Bill Amelio’s (former CEO, Lenovo) ROTs, almost an outline for excellent performance.
Try a discussion with your team of the Team’s ROTs, compare them to these and amend, then hold each other accountable for carrying them out:

Here’s Bill’s list (amended following the merger, as described below):

1. Identify and concentrate on the critical few decisions.
2. A call is better than no call.
3. Give your decisions a short leash. Quickly pull back in case of mistake.
4. Trust your intuition.

1. Communicate the critical few decisions effectively and repeatedly.
2. Don’t tolerate jerks.
3. Build a team of people you can trust and rely on.
4. Trust your intuition.

1. Get feedback early and often and act on this feedback.
2. Earn the trust and confidence of others.
3. Demonstrate vulnerability to gain credibility.
4. Play to your strengths.
5. Trust your intuition.

(I suggest starting with “Self ROT #1: “Get feedback early and often–AND ACT ON THIS FEEDBACK”!