Congratulations to S. Jones from Buffalo New York for the winning concept about an absurd situation experienced at work!  (For new readers, I am an aspiring cartoonist specializing in depicting ridiculous situations that occur in organizations – see previous post).

Ms. Jones writes:

“Your cartoon about the employee finding a bedraggled pony in the pile of horse manure made me chuckle for days.  I think we all want to believe that there’s somebody up there has a grand plan when we’re up to our eyes in ridiculous barriers.  I’ve begun to take more notice of the B.S. at my office—and you’re right:   it’s everywhere! And, as the CEO, it’s clear that I’m the one who has to do something about it. Here’s one that drives me crazy. I hold an Executive Team meeting, present a plan, everyone agrees to implement it as a Team, even though it will be difficult. The next thing I know, one of my “senior” executives is telling his team that “the boss” is making us do such and such!”

Here’s the image that emerged in my brain about Ms. Jones’ comments:









The “stylized version” will be added as soon as I have it!

(Readers—if  this cartoon stirs up other ideas, please send them in!)

Ms. Jones, your signed cartoon and copy of my new book, “Leading the Way to Success,” is on the way. Many thanks!!!

And, thanks to all who sent in their office absurdities. They are wonderful, and it was very hard to choose—so will save the best for the future.

Until next time.

Absurdly yours,