On Tuesday, August 11 at 11 a.m. Pacific time, Lauren Shuler Donner will be my guest live on my weekly talk show, “Leading the Way to Success.” Lauren is a former board member of Hollygrove and is the producer of the movies, “You’ve Got Mail”, “Dave”, “Pretty in Pink” and many more. Last year, Lauren made public the fact that she was diagnosed with Lupus 20 years ago. In addition, she is a breast cancer survivor.  Tune in to listen and/or participate in the Chat room to hear her discuss her amazing leadership journey: www.blogtalkradio.com/coachjudynelson.  You can also call in your questions: 347.326.9791.

LIKE ANY small town, Hollywood has its secrets, ” declared the headline in an article by the Los Angeles Times (6/13/2008). Some secrets are as carefully protected as a bank because, “acknowledging publicly that you’re ill could mean instant unemployment.”

Now there’s a celebrity about whom there’s “no need to whisper,” the Times went on to say. Lauren Shuler Donner has Lupus.

Over the last two decades, Lauren has produced some of Hollywood’s most popular — and profitable — films, including “Pretty in Pink,” “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Dave,” “Mr. Mom,” “Free Willy” and all the “X-Men” movies.

According to the Times, “No secret is as carefully guarded as a celebrity suffering with a chronic illness, but the A-list producer wants to end this conspiracy.”

Lauren was honored by the Lupus Foundation in June of 2008. In her acceptance speech, she said, “I want to show people that you can still live a life.”

And quite a life she has had! Not only with Lupus but also as a breast cancer survivor. Cured of her cancer, she is still living with lupus.

 “I know there’s a stigma that has made it hard for people to acknowledge it, if they’re sick,” Lauren told the Lupus Foundation audience. “I didn’t tell anyone I had lupus for many, many years, and I didn’t tell anyone I had cancer.

“I was afraid no one would hire me, and I also felt it was deeply personal. It was nobody’s business,” she continued. “Now, of course, my feelings have changed.” And, she has become a vocal spokesperson for lupus awareness.

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