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The late Dr. Warren Bennis

I am honored to have had Dr. Warren Bennis join me as a guest on Intentional Leadership. Instead of his usual focus on the art of leadership, I asked him about his own development as a leader, who his mentors were, how his philosophy evolved. Be sure to check out his book, “The ESSENCE of Bennis.”

Interview with Dr. Warren Bennis

USC Professor and internationally-known leadership expert

Beth Kanter

This is one bright, prolific and creative blogger! Beth Kanter is the author of Beth’s Blog: How Connected Nonprofits Leverage Networks and Data for Social Change, one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits. A frequent contributor to many nonprofit technology web sites and magazines, Beth has authored chapters in several books, including “Psychology of Facebook Applications,” edited by BJ Fogg, Stanford University and “Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission: A Strategic Guide for Nonprofit Leaders,” edited by NTEN. A much in demand speaker and trainer, and she has trained nonprofits in social media techniques literally around the world.

Interview with Beth Kanter

Specialist in Social Media Fundraising for nonprofits

Elise Buik

After my own intense involvement with United Way for nearly twenty years, I am thrilled to have interviewed Elise Buik, the current CEO. The rumors are that she has done an outstanding job of bringing this important but with some history of struggles, to stability and success.

Interview with Elyse Buik

CEO, United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Jack Shakely

Jack Shakely is president emeritus of the California Community Foundation in Los Angeles. His essays and opinion pieces have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Denver Post and many other newspapers.

His two novels, “The Confederate War Bonnet,” and “POWs at Chigger Lake,” are both set in Oklahoma, Shakely’s home state. “The Confederate War Bonnett” won the gold medal as best historical/military fiction and best mid-western fiction in the 2009 Independent Publishers Awards…Shakely is of Muscogee/Creek descent and was chair of the Los Angeles Native American Indian Commission from 1992 to 1996. He has one son, Benton, and resides in Rancho Mirage, California. (Amazon.com)

Jack’s third book, Che Guevara’s Marijuana & Baseball Savings & Loan: A Novel of the Early Days of the Peace Corps, may be the best yet–but it’s very hard to choose. Brilliant and witty writing combined with exceptional research give the reader a rare glimpse into the early days of the peace corps.

As one Amazon reviewer wrote: “A rollicking good story vividly told by a masterful raconteur. Captures the look and feel of the Peace Corps experience, the places (Oklahoma and Costa Rica)and the sixties in a story only slightly more colorful than life was at the time. Would not have picked up this book if I had not been a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica II, but I would have missed a great evocation of the adventure. Try it, you’ll like it.

Jack was a highly regarded philanthropy leader in the country. And when he retired, he created a second career as a writer and is equally successful. Don’t miss this interview with author Jack Shakely to learn who he is and how he got there.

Interview with Jack Shakely

Che Guevara, Marijuana, Baseball and the Peace Corps? Meet Author Jack Shakely!

Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell is an internationally known youth permanency expert and founder of the Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness. Kevin developed Family Finding, a set of strategies being used throughout the United States and in the Province of British Columbia to find lifelong supports for children and young people in foster care. He has been an administrator, director, and vice president of private social service agencies for 21 years.Kevin’s work has been featured on CBS 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and other publications in the United States. Mr. Campbell is currently an independent technical assistance consultant and has an affiliation with Seneca Center.

Interview with Kevin Campbell

Founder of the Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness

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