Judy Nelson is able to combine values, ethics and personal sensitivity with solid practical advice. She is an inspired, gifted guide...

-Jay Berlin,PhD,Executive Director,Alternative Family Services


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Presentations & Workshops

In addition to being a gifted executive coach, Judy Nelson is also an engaging and inspiring presenter. Drawing on her decades of experience as a top-level executive for nonprofits with life-impacting missions as well as her experience as a coach, Judy provides practical, down-to-earth insights that executives can use right away!

Sample Topics

As a keynote speaker and a leader of seminars and workshops, Judy Nelson can address a wide range of topics, tailoring each one to the specific needs of her audience. Some of her favorite topics include:

  • Ready, Set, LAUGH - Your Life May Depend On It!
  • How to Create Highly Functional Teams
  • Fix YOU First, Then Manage Others
  • Effective Feedback for Managers
  • Lessons from Coaching: Practical Tools for Managers
  • Keys to Personal and Professional Renewal
  • Keep a Rising Star: How to Retain Your Best People
  • Coach Your Team to Success
  • More Effective Leadership through Strategic Use of Assessments
  • Emotionally Intelligence Management
  • Hindsight Lessons: Reflections of a Liberated CEO
  • Finally, How to Manage Your In-Box and Free Up Creativity

Presentation and Workshop Formats

  • Judy's presentations can be provided in 45 minute to 1-1/2 hour formats.
  • Judy typically offers workshops in 2 formats: half day or full day.

In either case, she will customize her presentation to the mission, values and strategic objectives of your company, agency or department.


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