Judy is the most naturally-gifted coach
I have ever worked
with in my 20 years in leadership of non-profit organizations....

Shelley Hoss, MBA


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"Judy Nelson is incredibly insightful as a coach. She has an amazing ability to pinpoint issues and challenge me in such a way that not only prompts me to reflect, but make critical adjustments to my approach and strategies--all of which has made me a more effective COO. My experience working with her has led me to believe that every executive should have a coach."
-Jay Allen, M.A., Chief Operating Officer, Junior Blind Foundation

"Judy Nelson's coaching had a positive, visible impact in helping one of our senior executives become more insightful about leadership style and more effective as a team player. And this in just a few months. Judy's approach of transforming a good manager into a much better one, added real value."
--Doug Barr, President & CEO, Goodwill Southern California

"Judy's coaching style is one which anyone can benefit from. She helped me become more visionary in my thinking. She also proved to be an excellent sounding board, hearing not only what I was saying, but what I was feeling as well. She always offered constructive criticism in the most positive fashion possible. Through her warm and personable ways she helped me grow and achieve increased levels of effectiveness."
-- Jeanne Barry, Vice President of Development, Hollygrove


"Judy Nelson is able to combine values, ethics and personal sensitivity with solid practical advice. She is an inspired, gifted guide."
-- Jay Berlin, PhD, Executive Director, Alternative Family Services


"Judy's coaching taught me how to view perceived problems as challenges and to use my own creativity to approach them. She helped me understand my own strengths and build on that foundation. Some challenges became much less dreaded and much more interesting (and dare I say, fun?) as I viewed situations from different perspectives."
-- Mary Brougher, Licensed Recreational Therapist, Hollygrove


"My main goal in coaching was to soften 'rough edges,' one of Judy’s focus areas. She urged me to look at issues from the viewpoint of the other person—the people with whom the conflict existed. She helped me open up to change and become a happier and more confident professional."
--Wendy Butts, Contract Compliance Officer L.A. Conservation Corps


"If you are looking to make a change in your company or in your life, you should consider Judy Nelson's extensive experience, talents and skills. A quiet leader who is both inspirational and instructive, Judy's heart and her head seem always to be in sync. Her commitment to meeting individual needs is impressive. I experienced real "break-throughs" with my senior management team after only a few sessions."
-- Steven Elson, Ph.D., CEO, Casa Pacifica


"Judy is the most naturally gifted coach I have worked with in my 20 years in leadership of non-profit organizations. She has the ability to identify the most important issues in any situation, and to ask all the right questions -- and to get you asking them too. Judy has been the most influential mentor in my professional life, and has inspired me to become the leader I always hoped I could be."
-- Shelley Hoss, MBA, President, Orange County Community Foundation


"Judy is a coach unlike anyone I have ever encountered.… She inspired me to push myself into new areas as a manager and to become a leader who could help to inspire others as well. Through working with Judy, I learned that the most effective leaders are those who can seek out and celebrate the strengths in those around them."
-- Susan Johnson, MSW, Consultant

"I would describe Judy Nelson as insightful, highly intelligent, trustworthy and patient. I had the privilege of working with Judy for six months, during which she helped me achieve a new level of awareness and professional growth. Judy's feedback during our weekly coaching session was invaluable, honest, and incredibly accurate. This has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had--with a truly wonderful individual. I highly recommend Judy for the professional who is interested in taking their career a step further on the road to sucess."
--Teri Kelsall, M.A., Vice President, Goodwill, Southern California


"Honestly, no one ever took the time to talk to me about leadership until I started working with Judy and it never stopped being part of my daily thinking … Judy pushes you to ask questions of yourself and to remind yourself that there is always a way to do something better."
-- Sylvia LaMalfa, LCSW, Associate Executive Director, Covenant House


"Judy has been the best coach I could ever ask for and has helped me in so many ways. When I first began working with her she asked me the question that I have asked others and thought about frequently since that day: "What is your passion?" Through her guidance and support, I have been able to identify my passion and have figured out how to do what I love."
-- Linda LiBrizzi, LCSW, Family Finding Specialist


"Judy is one of the most influential leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. With her direction, I now embrace change and transition. I also feel more comfortable empowering others and delegating…. Judy is an experienced and inspirational leader. She exudes positive energy and provides a great environment for others to learn and grow!"
-- Mike McKenzie, MA, ILP Supervisor, Orangewood Children's Foundation


"Judy's coaching/mentoring has been the most influential factor undergirding my career growth. Finding, building and harnessing one's creative thinking, critical thinking, personal networks, values, honoring diversity, strategic planning, leadership, candid communication, partnering with civic leaders/directors/trustees, and staff development are just some of her great lessons."
-- Alex Morales, MSW, President and CEO, Children's Bureau


"Judy is one of those individuals possessing a rare combination of keen analytic skills required of seasoned managers … and a heart of gold required of those who truly make a difference in the world."
-- Sharon Osborne, MBA, President and CEO, Children's Home Society of Washington


It's been nearly six months since I completed my coaching sessions with Judy and I find myself referencing the tools, resources and information she gave me on a weekly basis. I am a stronger leader, manager and person because of Judy's guidance and expertise. Confidentiality and professionalism are always important to Judy's process and are what makes her coaching applicable and creates results.
-Carrie Ostroski AEO, Florence Crittenton

"After 5 years of stalling on some key organizational challenges, with Judy's gentle, but direct coaching I was able to 'break through' and make SIGNIFICANT progress within the first two weeks! I look forward to talking to her each and every week because I know something 'within me' will be released!!!"
-- April Pitcairn, Teacher


"I was at a crossroads in my career trying to decide whether to continue on at my current employment. Judy walked me through this conflicting time giving me the analytical skills I needed to clearly assess my situation and proposed strategies that I could easily apply to my work. I have now received a promotion at my current employment, feel more in tune with my co-workers and have adjusted my attitude to a more positive approach to my daily work and how I value myself. I appreciate the fact that Judy helped me navigate through the confusion and ultimately helped me help myself."
-- Christianne Ray, Community Relations Manager


"Judy's coaching style nudges you into leadership epiphanies. She helps you expand your understanding of the real challenges facing today's executive, then guides you through a problem-solving process which produces tangible management and organization enhancing results."
-- Terry Gooch Ross, Management Consultant

"Judy Nelson's coaching style is direct, focused and compassionate. She makes a sincere connection and helps one identify and develop strengths, hopes and dreams. Her great humor and capacity for big-picture thinking facilitate creativity, learning and reflection. Judy's intelligence and broad experience enabled me to explore options, take risks and achieve measurable results in a relatively short period of time."
-- Martine Singer, MBA, Executive Director, Hollygrove


"Judy is the kind of person that just has a way of knowing people. Her tremendous insight, combined with her excellent presentation skills, makes her a true leader in facilitating workshops. Perhaps the most amazing though is her unshakable drive to help people realize their true potential. Her honest, "calls 'em like she sees 'em" attitude is always refreshing. In a time when people seem committed only to being impressed with themselves, Judy is always focused on getting to know others and helping to build relationships. It has been an honor getting to know Judy, and I hope we continue to work together for a very long time."
-- Todd Skiles, Vice President, Innovision Inc.


"When I announced my retirement, it was humbling to hear words used to describe me like 'leadership,' 'visionary,' 'advocate' and 'inspirational.' I know these words would not be used about me had I not had the opportunity to learn about vision and leadership from Judy Nelson."
-- Sandy Sladen, MSW, Orange County Management Consultant

As a result of the personal coaching I received from Judy Nelson … I was able to develop more patience and understanding when training managers…. I personally found her coaching techniques to be valuable, contagious, and a useful ingredient in developing the 'people skills' needed by managers in order to effectively lead the personnel assigned to them."
-- Walt Stephens, Human Resources Consultant


"I first worked with Judy Nelson over 25 years ago. To this day, when faced with a particularly knotty challenge, I find myself thinking about what Judy might do under these circumstances. Inevitably, I am led through a thoughtful and reflective process that helps me to develop reasonable options to deal with the situation at hand. There is no question in my mind that the 'Nelson experience' has accounted for much of the success that I have had in my professional life. I have encountered very few others along life's path who have had such a positive and lasting impact."
-- Nancy Ward, M.A., Director of Development, VIP Services, Inc.

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