I’ve taken some stabs at blogging over the last year, but I let too many other distractions interfere—like making a living.  Now I’ve found a focus that has me totally jazzed—and I hope it jazzes you, too.

Let me explain a little background. You see, I’ve always been addicted to the absurd. And not just anything that’s absurd. The absurdity  I’m talking about is in organizations. After 30 years as a CEO, I have seen a lot of absurdity. For example,  the ceo with an open door policy who has a “do not disturb” sign on his door. I crack up when I see a long, beautifully written and even embossed mission statement on the wall—and everyone walking past it is violating it in some way or another. Sometimes minor violations. Othertimes, well, gross. Extremely funny in terms of my collection. Not very funny if you’re an employee in that organization. But oh, so common.

The question is, why doesn’t somebody else notice and do something about it?

For years, I’ve looked for a way to make use of my absurdity collection, and I think I’ve found it. But it took a circuitous path to say the least. You see, I have these ideas about organizational absurdities in my head, but I couldn’t figure out a way to express them graphically. You can talk about an absurdity but in many cases, the only way to get the point across effectively is to show it.

So I took art lessons of every kind. Result? Zero talent. Then I got a computer that lets me draw with my finger. Voila! Finger stick people—but, clearly, still no talent. If you think I’m exaggerating, I’ll show you an example, but first I have to tell you the story behind the graphic.

A little boy walked into a room full of manure.  Immediately, he dived into the pile and started digging.  Horrified, his parents said, “Johnny, what are you doing?” The child looked up and said, “With all this horse poop, there’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere.”

When applied to the time-wasting, mind-numbing rules that exist in most organizations, I kept picturing a hopeful employee struggling to make sense of it all. Then he finds the company’s rational, and it’s just more baloney.








Then, I discovered a partner on the internet who is a real cartoonist, and he went to work on my “art.” Here’s the result:


Gotta tell you I love this horse, and you will no doubt see it again on these pages.

As I said, I have lots of ideas for cartoons and will be sharing them with you every now and then. But, to build my collection, I want to invite YOU to share your ideas—based on your absurd experiences in organizations. I will select one idea each week and create a cartoon based on it. The “winner” will receive signed copies of the cartoon and of my book “Leading the Way to Success.”

Submit your cartoon idea to coachjudynelson@gmail.com – and Stay Tuned!

Absurdly yours,