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Judy Nelson is a certified professional coach and consultant using her extensive experience as a non-profit CEO to transform and enhance the leadership styles and team performance of individuals and organizations. She primarily works with non-profit organizations and executives and their teams.

Judy helps clients strengthen individual and team performance by coaching organizations and executives to exceptional leadership. She also designs and creates humorous content to ensure engagement.

She’s backed by exceptional credentials as a seasoned non-profit CEO, trained lawyer and social worker. As a result, she understands the importance of funding, leadership and service and weaves that understanding through every aspect of the client relationship. As a trained and certified coach, Judy uses a combination of assessments and feedback to deliver results.

Judy Engaging Her Audience
Book Signing Event, Intentional Leadership

Intentional Leadership
by Judy Nelson, JD, MSW

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Clients Served

Below are just some of the client organizations I have had the great privilege to serve.


“Judy Nelson was instrumental in engaging our Executive Team to extend their talents and become even more effective in helping the vulnerable clients we serve. I highly recommend her as an Executive Coach, a leadership trainer and someone who transforms Executive Teams.”

Miki Jordan
President & CEO, Junior Blind of America

Judy's business experience and style mean you’ll be comfortable to trust her, so together you will transform your leadership and your organization. Judy maintains the strictest confidence and levels of professionalism and will make the best possible use of your investment. As a coach, Judy provides direct and honest feedback delivered respectfully. As a teacher, she ensures you’re an engaged learner . . . and she might just make you laugh along the way.

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